TET-SAT tool: test and improve your pedagogical digital preparedness

Jan 24, 2022 | News

TET-SAT tool has been developed within the cross-country policy experimentation MENTEP (Mentoring Technology-Enhanced Pedagogy). This experiment was conducted between 2015 and 2018, involving 7391 teachers from 11 countries with the aim of assessing whether the use of a self-assessment tool could lead to the willingness of teachers to deepen their digital pedagogical skills. The experiment had a positive result, showing that after the use of the self-assessment tool, teachers were more aware of their competence and they tended to be have a more critical perception toward them. Subsequently, teachers engage themselves more in a path toward digital pedagogical competences development.

TET-SAT tool is available in 18 languages and it is easy and intuitive to use. Teachers have to register to the platform to take the test. The test includes 30 questions divided in four areas:

  • Digital Pedagogy
  • Digital content use and production
  • Digital Communication and Collaboration
  • Digital citizenship

At the end of the test, teachers receive a feedback with a personalised score for each area. Teacher can see which areas and skills need to be deepened and developed more. To this aim, after having completed the test, teachers can access to National resource, European resources, and Teacher practice examples to pursue their learning objectives.

EUVHS project has the objective of adapting and use the SELFIE and TET-SAT tools to be tailored for Virtual Schooling. EUVHS partnership will announce in the coming months the first developed project result, Virtual Schooling for School Leadership Teams and Teachers that reflected on these tools and adapted them to the best use for virtual schooling.