Transnational report on virtual schooling for school leadership teams and teachers

This product will be the result of a research on virtual schooling at national and European level, identifying needs and already existing best practices in the project partner countries.

This resource is created for supporting schools, school leadership teams and teachers, to design and deploy Virtual schooling. The toolkit will be a practical step-step approach in addressing the needs of schools and teachers and includes a collection of30 best practices and OERs, learning activities and resources.

Available in: ENITELDE


The current document encompasses the Toolkit and constitutes the first deliverable of the
project. The consortium has gathered relevant material through a systematic review of the
national and European literature, in the field of distance and online secondary education
while conducting online surveys in each partner country.

Available in: ENITELDE

Training Course for School Leadership Teams, Teachers, and Staff

EUVHS project will develop a digital training course for school leaders teams and teachers to help them understanding the complexities and the opportunities offered by virtual learning. The course will present tools, methodologies and basic elements needed to effectively design, develop and implement innovative, interactive ad participatory eLearning courses.

This product will be an essential support for secondary school leaders and teachers in upgrading their digital education skills and in developing their daily job.

Training course for students on how to be effective online learners

It will be a training course addressed to secondary school students on how to be virtual learners, enabling them to understand the virtual environment, its opportunities and challenges, and to identify their personal digital learning method. 

eLearning platform and OERs on Virtual Schooling

An online platform offering all the courses addressed to teachers, school staff and students developed within the project, as well as good practices and recommendations to make virtual schools happen! For more information, click here.